Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) marketing helps your business target and connect with the Chinese audience to maximise your brand presence, particularly among the female demographic. With a mix of KOL, livestream, and user-centric content, Xiaohongshu works as the perfect Chinese social media platform for various industries, particularly fashion and beauty, travel, and food to achieve optimal social e-commerce sales. From account creation, engaging KOLs, creating localised content feed, utilising paid advertising, and generating analytical reports we help you reach out to your targeted audiences and acquire new customers.

What Is Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu also known as Little Red Book or RED is China’s one of the most popular and quickly developing community-based social commerce platforms. In simpler terms, it can be described as a cross between Instagram and Pinterest. Hence, RED has the ability to directly impact sales and is considered one of the most influential Chinese social media platforms for brand marketing. Its users can not only create content, like posts, connect with other users and brand sites, share suggestions, provide helpful advice & tips, research products, and find thorough reviews and tutorials made by others, but they can even make in-app purchases.

Who Uses Xiaohongshu?

With around 300 million active users, young consumers make most of its audience base. Moreover, with 90% of users being females and 46% under 24 years old, who mostly live in 1st and 2nd tier cities, Xiaohongshu users boast a higher purchasing power than other platforms’ users and are keen to buy buying foreign products.




Under 24 Years Old

What Makes Xiaohongshu A Must-Use Chinese Social Media Marketing Platform?

Its extreme popularity among Gen-Z and the ever-growing active user base has made Xiaohongshu a must-use Chinese social media marketing platform for beauty, lifestyle, health, and fashion brands. The other factor that has made Little Red Book unavoidable is its ability to connect Chinese consumers with international brands by enabling users to buy overseas products directly through the app.

Why Should Singapore Businesses Use Xiaohongshu Marketing?

Little Red Book offers the perfect match between using social media and e-commerce to generate awareness for your business and reach out to millions of potential customers. With the reliance on Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) campaigns, thriving lifestyle community and user-reviews Xiaohongshu offers a cost-effective way for Singapore brands to break into the Chinese market and expand their sales channel by creating innovative accounts and running successful marketing campaigns. After all, if you want to get your products in front of millions of eyeballs then what place to get started than Little Red Book which has a substantial market share of cross-border e-commerce sales? Plus, having positioned itself as the go-to review app with a strong focus on quality content Singapore businesses can easily and effectively promote their brand and gain a massive following network.

How Deren Marketing Can Help You With Xiaohongshu Marketing?

As one of the only few authorised Xiaohongshu Marketing Partners in Singapore, at Deren Marketing our specialists extensively understand its influence importance and potential. As such we have developed a range of specialised services to best maximise your brand awareness, gain new customers, and increase your revenue via various Xiaohongshu marketing tools. Our 4-step process includes

Opening and Setting Up A Verified Official Account

The first step to start selling is to open an official account by submitting all the relevant documentation of your business registration. Given this procedure takes time and effort, our experts help set all this up quickly without any hitch and as per Little Red Book’s updated guidelines.

Content Management

As RED is a mix of social media and e-commerce and relies heavily on fresh, relevant content, we help create engaging and useful content to increase your brand awareness, build hype, and interact with your community.

Engage KOLs

Built around reviews, KOL and influencers, we have a KOL-dedicated team that will connect your brand with well-suited KOLs, run cost-efficient KOL campaigns and help build partnerships with various Chinese influencers.

Xiaohongshu Advertisements

Our experts help determine which ad format is best for your business, which keywords to use, which audiences to show the ads and everything from creating an ad right to analysing its effectiveness for driving conversions and leads.

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