TikTok advertising Singapore enables you to tap into a whole new untapped audience and instantly connect and get the attention of millions of highly-engaged Gen Z and millennials not only in Singapore but across the world. Now, introduce your products and services to the next generation of consumers and leverage its unique identity to maximise your ROI and visibility with TikTok ads. Our specialists help fuel your TikTok ads with digital strategy, optimisation, creative research, and more that converts outstandingly well, helping you get ahead of your competitors and drive exponential growth.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok also known as Douyin, is a short video app that has become the fastest growing social media platform and the most downloaded app of 2021, with 656 million downloads and over 1 billion monthly active users making it a definite sign of how social media is evolving. With a special emphasis on creativity and entertaining content, TikTok has become a unique way to generate online engagement and leverage viewership to increase brands’ overall marketing strategy reach.

We Are Singapore’s TikTok Ads Campaign Experts!

Advertise on TikTok, Deren Marketing is an official TikTok marketing and advertising partner recognised and certified by them as a leading provider and TikTok ads manager of solutions to businesses and brands across Singapore, Southeast Asia, and the Chinese markets. This enables us to work in direct partnership with TikTok to customize an ad campaign strategy that works for you and helps your brand stand out.

Who Uses TikTok?

57% of TikTok users are females and 43% are male with 60% of them being Gen Z. Users spend an average of 1 hour a day on the app and open it at least 50 times a day. TikTok boasts an engagement rate of 18% which is the highest social media engagement rate per post from other social platforms as Instagram provides 4% and Youtube a merely 2%. These stats are ample to fortify TikTok as a powerhouse and showcase its potential in helping brands make the most of the opportunity to gain exposure and establish connections with thousands of users.





What types of TikTok Ad are offered?

Launched in 2020, TikTok Ad allows businesses to display ads campaign to their target audiences using TikTok-collected data such as age, sex, location, behaviour, and more. After becoming the number 1 app for driving consumer spending in Jan 2022, TikTok offers the best value for your marketing dollars. TikTok ads campaign objective are goals that you want to set and meet so you can help grow your business and engage your audience.

TikTok ads typically take the form of video content (Ads are full-screen videos)introducing a service or product, with the ads paid to be displayed to a specific target audience. These ad campaigns on TikTok are a means of social media marketing, with the primary purpose of increasing brand awareness or promoting a specific product or service. Ad on TikTok are offered in different types of TikTok ad formats, which include:

Topview Ads

Known as the prime ad real estate in the app’s interface, this type of ad appears at the top of the user’s ‘For You Page’ when they open the app making it ideal for increasing brand awareness.

As the first video users see when they open the app, TopView, not to be confused with Top Feed, is TikTok’s most premium ad format. TopView ads are 5 – 60 second videos that play as soon as users launch the app and seamlessly transitions into their For You feed. TopView utilizes TikTok’s ad placement to put your brand in the spotlight providing a unique viewing experience with no competing content.

Brand Takeover Ads

Similar to Youtube’s non-skippable ads, these are 3-5 second long ads that are either full-screen static or dynamic displays that the viewers see when they open the app. This ad type is ideal to drive traffic to both your own TikTok account and to external landing pages.

In-feed Ads

Similar to Instagram stores, these are standard TikTok ad formats that are integrated into the scrolling experience. Featuring a CTA button, this In-feed video ad type is well-suited to drive traffic to your website or landing page.

Spark Ads

Spark Ads is a native advertising format that allows you to utilize authentic TikTok posts and their functionalities in your marketing efforts. Utilize posts from your own TikTok account, or you can utilize posts created by other content creators with their permission.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

The best ad type to create brand awareness and drive sales, this allows your ad to appear in three places with the app; as a standard video in the in-feed section, featured banners in the ‘Discover Page’ and on the hashtag challenge page.

Branded Effect

Perfect to showcase your brand’s personality and generate more brand-related engagement, this enables brands to create shareable custom stickers, filters, and effects that users and use in their own content.

Why Should Singapore Businesses Use TikTok Advertising?

If you are new to TikTok, you need to know this Data. Not only does it have over 2 million users in Singapore, but it is also the most downloaded app in Southeast Asia with over 300 million downloads which is half the region’s entire population. And with already established entities like Gov.sg, NUS Business School, and even more Singapore-based start-ups, SMEs and MNCs already have used TikTok ad campaign.

TiKTok advertising is great for doing marketing campaigns. All you need to do is to top up your TikTok ads cost, run ads on TikTok and attract targeted users on tiktok. Now it’s your turn to use Tiktok campaigns to capitalize on this growing community and generate more leads and the right audience for your business.

How Deren Marketing Can Help You advertise on TikTok?

As one of the newest social media advertising platforms, we are here to help you boost your digital presence, maximise conversions and increase brand awareness. We were one of the first Chinese social media marketing companies in Singapore to enter the TikTok ad space, and have a number of TikTok advertising best practices.

At the time, other companies ignored TikTok as a legitimate platform. This has given us a clear-cut edge over others as we’ve been able to try and test various strategies, ad types, and approaches to deliver you the most outstanding results for your TikTok advertising campaigns. Our tried and true approach includes:

Understanding your brand
Setting goals
Creating creative, organic and authentic content
Strategising and optimising
Analytics and performance report

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