Condominium DOOH Advertising is an innovative advertising platform that utilises digital technology to display dynamic, interactive, looping content within condominium premises, offering a meaningful way to connect with condominium residents throughout their daily lives and enhance their living experience. With consistent exposure to contextually relevant and engaging advertisements, Condominium DOOH Advertising enhances your brand’s awareness and boosts brand recall, increasing the chances of converting condominium residents into customers.

What Is Condominium DOOH Advertising?

Condominium DOOH (Digital Out-Of-Home) Advertising allows you to reach a captive and targeted audience, the condominium residents. Digital displays are strategically placed in common areas of condominium buildings, such as lobbies, elevators, and hallways. As residents often view condominium notices and updates on these displays, it guarantees viewership for your advertisements and promotions, with a monthly viewership of over 75,000 per condominium. Condominium DOOH Advertising allows your business to effectively connect with condominium residents at a personal level, increasing brand impressions and brand recall.

Why Advertise To Condominium Residents?

According to Singapore’s General Household Expenditure Survey 2017/18, condominium residents are an affluent group with average spending of over $7963/month and are more likely to be interested in products and services relevant to their lifestyles and needs. As they frequently encounter the condominium’s digital displays throughout their daily lives, they are more likely to recall your brand through looped advertisements. Furthermore, consistent advertising within the condominium complex can help reinforce the brand’s presence and create a sense of familiarity and trust among residents.


Condominium Residents


Monthly Viewership

Monthly Expenditure Of Condominium Residents






Housing & Related Expenditure


Recreation & Culture


Educational Services






Clothing & Footwear


Accommodation Services



*Others include expenditure on miscellaneous goods and services, including personal care services such as hairdressing, social support services and insurance, and expenditure on alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Over 100 Condominium Locations For Your Marketing Needs

Why Should Singapore Businesses Use Condominium DOOH Advertising?

Condominium DOOH Advertising enables your business to access the niche and targeted condominium residents. It seamlessly integrates into the residents’ lives and is non-intrusive, which increases your advertisement’s relevance and impact. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and boasts extensive reach as condominium displays work for 18 hours each day, enabling your brand to embed itself deeper into the purchasing minds of condominium residents with each passing day. Condominium DOOH Advertising’s versatility and cost-effectiveness make it a perfect fit for your business’s marketing budget.

How Deren Marketing Can Help You With Condominium DOOH Advertising

Our Condominium DOOH Advertising experts possess in-depth understanding of how DOOH advertising works, leveraging our expertise to deliver exceptional results. Our cost-effective solutions fit seamlessly into your marketing budget, delivering exceptional ROI and elevating your brand’s visibility within the community. By combining our expertise in DOOH Advertising with our knowledge of user behaviour, we help you dominate the advertising space in condominiums and outshine your competitors. Our approach includes:

Identifying The Best Condominiums For Your Business

Our process begins by thoroughly understanding your business and campaign objectives, enabling us to identify the most suitable condominiums that will ensure your marketing efforts yield the best results.

Ad Content Creation

We develop high-quality, user-centric content that delivers value to condominium residents and is optimised for maximum impact.

Ad Design

We craft compelling and engaging designs that captivate condominium residents, ensuring your advertisement leaves a lasting impression and drives conversions.

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