WeChat Marketing is the perfect marketing tool to boost your business revenue and increase your brand presence in China. Boasting over 1.5 billion monthly active users, WeChat has become the most popular social media platform in the world. So, if you want more Chinese customers, WeChat marketing helps fuel your brand awareness and establish your products in front of billions.

What Is WeChat?

Quite simply, it is China’s most popular multi-purpose social network and has become a one-stop app for all social and transactional moments. Apart from having instant messaging at its core service, it also offers WeChat Moments; similar to Facebook’s status updates, WeChat Channel; similar to TikTok videos, WeChat Pay, and more.

Who Uses WeChat?

Around 50% of official account users are younger than 30 years and just over 50% are 31 or older. Plus, with over 400 million WeChat Mini Program users, it’s no wonder that it has become a part of the everyday lives of over a billion people.


Younger Than 30 Years Old


31 Or Older

What Makes WeChat A Must-Use Chinese Social Media Marketing Platform?

Not only does WeChat have a massive reach within its native market, but over 100 million of its users are also outside of China which makes it impossible to ignore if you want to reach out to the global Chinese consumers. Moreover, it has become a one-of-a-kind lifestyle platform that has a huge ecosystem allowing marketers to gain insights from valuable consumer data, understand which life stages consumers are at and target them with customised messaging.

Why Should Singapore Businesses Use WeChat Marketing?

WeChat’s presence is not only limited to China. Over 1 million people in Singapore use it making it one of the top 10 most widely used social media apps in Singapore. Furthermore, We Chat’s user engagement is 30% higher than on Facebook or Instagram with over 61% of users opening the app over 10 times per day. Quite simply if your business doesn’t exist on WeChat, it doesn’t exist to the majority of Chinese-speaking people. We can help with your WeChat Marketing and leverage on the WeChat ecosystem to grow your business.

WeChat official Account (OA) Set Up By Us, 100% Owned By You Forever!

There are many Chinese digital marketing agencies in Singapore that employ a piggybacking system where they look for a local Chinese business and use their Chinese business license to register your wechat business account. This can be extremely hazardous as if that local Chinese business suddenly disappears or closes down, so too will your OA.

But, here at Deren Marketing, we are able to help you create an official WeChat account that is completely owned and controlled by your Singapore business entity. In other words, even though your official account is set up by us, you own it 100% forever.

How Deren Marketing Can Help You With WeChat Marketing?

By leveraging our WeChat Marketing experience and extensive Chinese digital marketing expertise, we help you expand effectively into the Chinese market. And as an authorised Singapore WeChat Marketing Partner, we assist you right from the start by setting up your official account, create quality content with our in-depth knowledge of the best WeChat marketing practices for your campaigns, and more to get your products and services in front of potential Chinese customers. Some of our services are

Setting Up A WeChat Official Account (OA)

We assist you to set up your WeChat OA, get it fully registered, and verified so you can sell products and services on the WeChat store, engage with your followers through WeChat ads.

WeChat Official Account Management

After setting your OA, we can also design your branded homepage and menu navigation, configure keyword responses for WeChat Search and support followers management.

WeChat Advertising

Our experts are well-versed in using the best type of WeChat advertising for your business to get optimum reach and effectively target your audience.

WeChat Strategy Development

After understanding your business goals, we develop tailor-made marketing strategies to create brand awareness, drive traffic to your store or website, and generate potential leads.

WeChat Content Creation

A recent study showed that 49% of WeChat users share content they deem informative. So, once your account is set up, we develop user-centric original content that follow WeChat trends, no matter the industry.

Setting Up WeChat Mini Programme

We also assist you in setting up your own Mini Programme which is similar to a mini-website that exists within the app allowing users to make a purchase, communicate, and stay informed by accessing them anywhere and anytime.

Engaging WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Through influencer marketing, we help you partner with best-suited KOLs that have earned the trust of audiences to lend a voice to your products or services and establish your brand on WeChat.

Language Support

From translating official documents to website content, our Chinese and English-fluent marketing professionals take care of all translation needs.

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