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Deren Marketing is a Singapore-based one-stop digital and Chinese social media marketing agency. Established in 2012, we are one of the only few official Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) Marketing, WeChat Marketing & TikTok Advertising partners in Singapore. We mix our years of digital marketing Chinese social media marketing industry-best experience, knowledge and insights to create highly-focussed solutions that aren’t only performance driven, but also creative.

Backed by our integrated digital marketing & Chinese social media marketing strategies, metrics and analytics to deliver outstanding results — we have already served over 200 Singapore SMEs, MNCs, start-ups, and governmental organisations. Our methodology enables us to increase your business’ exposure and reach in the Chinese market, make you stand out from your competitors and maximise your business’ potential.

We Live & Breathe Digital & Chinese Social Media Marketing

We live your success. We understand that each client and every proposal we undertake is different. And so we have developed a fine-tuned process to create and implement personalised user-centred digital marketing and Chinese social media marketing strategies, define and optimise your social media objectives and think proactively to make your brand seen. We are driven to create rich user experiences through analysis, refinement and evolution to help you get more traction via Xiaohongshu marketing, GoogleAds, SEO and other digital marketing and Chinese social media marketing tools.

Our Digital & Chinese Social Media Marketing Services

Xiaohongshu Marketing

Maximise your brand presence among the female demographic with Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) marketing — a go-to social commerce platform for beauty, lifestyle, health, and fashion brands boasting a 90% female user base with 46% being under 24 years old. From Xiaohongshu account creation, engaging KOLs, creating a localised content feed, utilising paid advertising, setting an online store, and generating analytical reports we help you reach out to your targeted audiences and acquire new customers.

WeChat Marketing

Unlock the world’s largest e-commerce market by introducing your products and services to over 1 billion users worldwide and more than 500,000 users in Singapore with WeChat Marketing. Our experts will get you in front of potential Chinese customers by creating an account, curating high-quality content, setting up a mini program, using paid advertising, creating membership and VIP coupons and more.

TikTok Advertising

Instantly connect with highly-engaged Gen Z and millennials to introduce your products and services to the next generation of consumers and leverage TikTok’s unique identity to maximise your ROI and visibility with TikTok ads. Our specialists help fuel your ads with digital strategy, optimisation, creative research, detailed reporting, and conversion.

Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing experts expand your business’s reach on social media by creating and executing data-powered campaigns that are effective, efficient, and personalised to your business. We leverage our expertise to keep up with the trends and create relevant digital content to match your evolving needs.

Facebook Marketing

Build and grow your business by incorporating well-defined Facebook marketing strategies curated by a team of experts to connect with your audience, boost sales, drive website traffic, build loyalty, encourage interaction and increase engagement. Let us help you skyrocket your brand over Facebook.

SEO Marketing

Improve your website’s visibility and increase its ranking with SEO marketing and effective SEO techniques to ensure your website doesn’t get lost in the crowd and becomes unseeable. Our SEO specialists perform a website audit, optimise content, perform keyword research, ensure link building, and more.

Google Ads Marketing

Attract new customers, discover new opportunities, and give your business an edge to reach out to ready consumers, sitting just a click away. Our Google Ads experts ensure optimum use of advertising cost rendering promising results by bidding smartly, using natural language search, discovery ads, and more to boost the number of high-quality leads in the shortest period of time.

Condominium DOOH Advertising

Effortlessly captivate the attention of affluent condominium residents, positioning your brand at the heart of their daily lives. We select the best condominiums for your advertisements and develop high-quality content paired with engaging designs to deliver your message with maximum impact, amplifying your brand’s visibility.

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Trusted By 200+ Brands Across Singapore & South East Asia

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. Over the course of 10 years of providing exceptional digital & Chinese social media marketing services, we’ve had a variety of clients from different industries. Our clients range from Singapore SMEs to MNCs to start-ups to governmental organisations. Check out some of our current and past clients:

Our Partners

Advantages of working with official Singapore Xiaohongshu Marketing partner

Stay updated with newly launched Xiaohongshu marketing features and receive first-hand updates on the latest regulations

Team of specialists trained and certified by Xiaohongshu develop customised Xiaohongshu-centric content marketing and advertising strategies

Harness the power of our extensive network of Xiaohongshu KOL to create engagement

Advantages of working with official Singapore WeChat Marketing partner

Early access to the latest features, industry updates, search trend data and ongoing support from WeChat

Access to resources, insights, reports and more to maximise our client’s results

As an authorised partner we are recognised for the ability to help our clients achieve success with campaigns that convert at a higher rate

Advantages of working with official Singapore TikTok advertising partner

Gain industry experience, access to premium services like TikTok’s marketing API and more

Our certified professionals take the guess-work out of determining what is best for you, how to connect with your audience, and what best practices to follow

Benefit from our intimate knowledge of TikTok to set your campaigns up for success

See What Our Clients Think About Us

We are more than just another agency! At Deren Marketing, we pride ourselves on developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients by contributing to their success. Hear from some of them below:

Yong Chun Yuan

Deren Marketing has helped us with Xiaohongshu’s online influencer marketing, attracting more youngins to our long-established brand. Thanks to them, these days, our customers remark that they learnt about our restaurant while scrolling through Xiaohongshu.

Mr. Bean

With the WeChat marketing strategy planning , Deren Marketing has helped attract more than 1,000 people to participate in our event. Moreover, our sales revenue has increased and our brand has also reached more people.

Kelly Oriental

Deren Marketing has helped us kick start a new market of immigrant audiences, which attracted China Female audience with high spending power from Xiaohongshu to experience our services.

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